Our Governing Body

The Governing Body of H3 Federation (which oversees Harmood school) is made up of 20 governors. It includes two parent and fifteen co-opted governors, a local authority governor, one staff governor and the Executive Headteacher.

Their role is to help shape the overall direction and character of the school, monitor progress and standards, review and approve the budget, appoint and support the headteacher and senior staff, review policies and procedures and ensure the school fulfils its statutory duties.

The governing body meets regularly, and non-staff governors also visit the school, making contact with the different departments and attending events and performances.

The governing body welcomes contact with all those involved in the school and will be happy to hear your views on any matters of concern please email us (see Contact Details - H3 Federation Governors page).  

Diversity is important and our governing board should be increasingly reflective of the  communities we serve.  We are in the process of collecting our governing board diversity data (in Summer 2023) with a view to publishing this information here so that it is widely accessible to members of the school community and the public.  

The full governing board is chaired by Alison Lowton. In addition to their membership of the full governing board, governors are members of one of the following committees:

  • Students Committee – chaired by Sarah McMorrine
  • Staff, Resources & Safeguarding Committee – chaired by Andrew Heffernan


H3 Federation Governing Body

Chair and Vice Chair 

Chair of Governors: Alison Lowton

Vice Chair of Governors: Janet Grauberg

Governing Body 

Sarah McMorrine - Chair of Student Committee

Jon Beck - Vice Chair of Student Committee

Susan Anim Boadu - Career link governor

Rachel Hermer - Curriculum Harmood

Paul Bowers Isaacson - Curriculum Haverstock

Naya Anim Boadu - Curriculum Heath

Evon Antwi - Staff Governor 

Hannah Ward - Co-opted Governor

Salima Abdallah - Parent Govenor

Andrew Heffernan - Chair of Staffing Committee 

Anthony Neuberger - Health and Safety

Alison Kelly - Safeguarding Haverstock

Nicky Francis - Safeguarding Heath

Helen Roberts - SEND

Dr Sanjiv Sharma - Headteacher Review Panel 

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