What Our Students Say

In July 2023, we asked our Year 11 students to tell us what they thought of their time here at Harmood School...

“I got lots of support and encouragement from Harmood school.

The staff are respectful to students and show them loyalty.

The staff had a really good relationship with my family. I’m

really happy with my qualifications. I loved school.” 

– Year 11 student Freddie


“It‘s a good school which helped me with all

my needs. I had a good experience with staff and

I’m happy with everything the school did for me.”

– Year 11 student Rijay


“There were lots of opportunities to study different

things and I learnt to play the guitar at school – I don’t think

that would have happened for me if I wasn’t here. I am

really happy with it.”

– Year 11 student Richard

“I like the way the staff communicate with

students, it is respectful and helpful. For me,

having vocational opportunities like Avalon Construction

has really helped. It’s a great school, I experienced lots

of great things like fund-raising dinners.”

– Year 11 student James


“I am really happy with all the qualifications I got.

I'm happy with the relationships I have with the staff too.

They really helped and supported me going on to college.”

– Year 11 student Stephanie

We wish all our school leavers a very happy and successful future. We are confident you can go on to do great things!

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